How to Submit Feedback to Azure Data Studio WITHOUT tweeting.

This is one of those things that doesn’t warrant a blog post; until you talk to three other well-versed data professionals who all had the same confusion.

Azure Data Studio is a great little cross-platform SQL editor and the team has been working hard to add some of the most requested features.  To make it easy for customers to request new features & report bugs they include a little smiley in the lower-right corner for you to provide feedback that can go directly into their GiuHub repo.  Although, it also give the opportunity to tweet about Azure Data Studio.  I think part of the problem is that when you click on the smiley in the lower-right corner it actually says “Tweet feedback” not ‘Send us feedback’.  I was confused by this myself and ended up tweeting to Buck Woody about it.  He pointed out the “Submit a bug” text.


Clicking on “Submit a Bug” will bring up this little window where you can give the bug a name, fill in some details, and it even let’s you switch back to your Azure Data Studio window so you can copy the error message you received.


After that, you click on the Preview in GiHub button which takes you to a page in the Azured Data Studio repo with everything you already filled out in the form.


Again, once you’ve done it once, this seems like a waste of a blog post.  But it seems like I’m not the only one who didn’t wanted to just tweet an error they were running into in Azure Data Studio.

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