Session Resources for: Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+

Yesterday I did a session for Idera’s Geek Sync series called “Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+”. In the session, I called out a bunch of resources that I had used to build me session. Here are the things I talked about and the and where to download the different pieces.

SQL Server Dashboard Reports

I showed that you can download & deploy the SQL Server Dashboard Reports from the SQL Tiger team.

You can find a blog post explaining how those reports work here

You can find the MSSQL Tiger Team’s GitHub Repo here
An article I wrote explaining how to deploy those reports to your SSRS / Power BI Report Server with PowerShell here

As a quick reminder, the performance_dashboard_main report from that project is now included as part of SQL Management Studio in SSMS 17.2+

SSRS Themes

I actually stole my SSRS theme from Guy in a Cube ( t ). Here is a modified version of the theme I was using. You can find out more about SSRS branding here.

Power BI Themes

You have plenty of options for Power BI Themes. You can find the Waveform theme here or the theme I was using here.


You can find out more about the dbareports open-source project at

I hope that helps everyone and please leave a comment if I left out one of the resources I was using!

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