Recent SQL PowerShell Articles I Have Written

It’s been too quiet on this blog this year, especially with all the awesome things going on in the SQL PowerShell world!

It’s all my fault

I’ve been spending a lot of the time I could have been using to write blogs to write articles instead. I’ve been trying to get the word out about all the new cmdlets and all the new things you can do with SQL PowerShell. Or even, the old things you can now do more easily than ever with SQL PowerShell!

It’s going to get worse before it gets better

True. I have three articles I’m working on right now “mostly” done, and a fresh issue to write about popped up on twitter today. But none of the articles are ready to go off to the editors, which makes a now a good time to tell you about the articles that have already been published, before the next wave hits! Not to mention I have a few ideas for commands to contribute to dbatools that I’ve been meaning to get to.

Recent SQL PowerShell Articles

(in chronological order)

There you have it, 7 8 article about SQL PowerShell so far in 2017 and more to come “soon”.

But on the Bright Side

Thanks to the SQL Tools Team, I have a lot of cool new SQL PowerShell stuff to keep writing about!

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