SSMS 2016 Dark Theme – Hidden and Apparently Unfinished

I noticed a thread on /r/SQLServer that I thought some folks might be interested in trying: “SSMS 2016 Dark Theme

There is a Connect Item open for this very topic with over 285 Up-Votes so it seems that I’m not the only one who would like this: SQL Server Management Studio Dark/Black Theme

The thread on Reddit notes that this is clearly unfinished since Object Explorer and right-click menus aren’t adapted yet. However, with some fiddling with other settings, this might be all some people need to get them going (I know my eyes start to hurt at the end of a long day of staring at a bright screen).

Of course, as much as many of us would like this, the SQL Tools team devoting time to completing this means they have to devote an engineer to it for a while, during that time that engineer would obviously be unable to address any more pressing improvements in SSMS, so I can totally see why ‘dark theme’ might be more of a back-burner item.

Apparently the credit for finding this goes to this site which if I had to guess, may be the person who filed the Connect item above.

I’m going to try it out and see if it’s workable. How about you?

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