#SQLServer Team is Doing an AMA on Reddit TODAY!

The SQL Server team is doing an AMA on Reddit today! The AMA is scheduled to run from Friday 11/18 at 9:30 PDT until 14:00 PDT but you can start asking your questions right now.

As you may know from reading this blog, Folks from the SQL Server team have made an effort this year to be more accessible public forums like twitter, the SQL Community Slack channel, Trello boards, and Reddit, just to name a few. This is a great opportunity to ask a question you’ve been wondering about, or just tune in and read what other people are asking. Don’t forget, on Reddit you can Up-Vote questions/answers that you think are important for others to see.

Here are the details straight from today’s AMA thread:

Hi Everyone!

We’re from the Microsoft SQL Server Engineering Team and we want you to ask us anything!

We’re posting this a bit early so you can start asking questions – feel free to start asking and we’ll start answering Friday 11/18 at 9:30 PDT until 14:00 PDT. We’ll have members from the Engineering teams participating in the AMA. This includes folks working on

  • SQL Server Features such as Columnstore, In-Memory OLTP, Row-Level Security, PolyBase, Stretch, or any of the features listed here.
  • Database Tools for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database (SSMS, SSDT, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, SSMA, SQLPS, CLI Tools)
  • Azure Portal for Azure SQL DB, Azure Elastic Database Pools or Azure Virtual Machines with SQL Server
  • R Services for predictive analytics, machine learning, and using scalable R packages with SQL Server technologies
  • Developing with SQL Server using the language of your choice (Examples. Node, Python, Java, etc.) or connecting your app to SQL Server using our drivers (ODBC, JDBC and open source drivers)
  • Migrating or Building Apps and Solutions with SQL Server and the resources we have available to help you get the most out of SQL Server.
  • SQL Server on Linux
  • SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1

Here are some question ideas:

  • What’s new in SQL Server Service Pack 1 and SQL Server on Linux?
  • How does your team take the feedback from the community?
  • What tools would I use to migrate my database to SQL Server?
  • What’s a cool trick you don’t think most customers know about?

You can ask us anything about our public products or about the team. If there’s a topic that’s not listed above, ask it anyways! We’ll do our best to answer it. We cannot comment on unreleased features and future plans, though 🙂 Tweet at us with #SQLServer and follow @SQLServer to keep up to speed with what the SQL team is working on. After this AMA, you can also post questions here in reddit or tweet at us any time.

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