PowerShell 10th Anniversary Today!

PowerShell turns 10 years old today and they’re throwing an all-day PowerShell event over on Channel 9 to celebrate!

Why should you care? Well, two reasons.

  1. My partner in crime community Chrissy LeMaire & I were invited to contribute a half hour session on how much the SQL Community has gotten involved with helping design PowerShell cmdlets for SQL Server this year (12:15pm EST GMT-5).
  2. The session right before ours (11:45am EST GMT-5) is about how to “Manage Your Garden Sprinkler and Your Mood With PowerShell“.

In the session Chrissy and I put together we go over some of the history & evolution of SQL PowerShell, the SQL PowerShell revolution & the community designing the new cmdlets that have come out this year, and we will close with me demoing a bunch of the new cmdlets that folks like yourself in the community helped define.

The final demo is one I’m hoping will help change the way a lot of people think of and approach PowerShell. It’s a nice representation of how I think of PowerShell, and it was only possible because of the new cmdlets available in SSMS 2016 and a strong dose of community help from PowerShell MVP Boe Prox ( t | b ).

Boe has already published a new version of his Out-SquarifiedTreemap function on his blog and I will post all the code I used in the demo tomorrow after I have the link to the video on Channel9 and everything.

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