Next for the PoSh VC: PowerShell, SQL and Power BI

That’s right, PowerShell & Power BI.

How does this work you ask?

Well back in July, Rob Sewell ( b | t ) gave us a preview of this, you can catch a few minutes here:

Here’s Rob’s abstract to give you more info on the session. We hope you’ll join us next Thursday! J

PowerShell, SQL and Power BI – Reducing your Context Switching

“Could you just tell me……….?” This may cost 10 seconds of time or it may take several hours but it will definitely stop the current task and impact its completion.

A SQL DBA will be required to provide a myriad of information in many different ways to many different types of people, answering questions from technical teams, technology teams, other parts of the business as well as directors and external parties.

In this session you will learn the why, what and how of automating the gathering, storing and displaying of information enabling self-service and reducing the interruptive calls on your time whilst ensuring that the data is correct and trustworthy. I will also show you how you can use this to enable consistency across your estate. This session will be of benefit to the “Accidental DBAs” as well as DBAs looking after large estates

The majority of the session will concentrate on the way I use PowerShell to gather the information and store it. I will also show you how to enable self-service with natural language query using Power BI.

You will leave the session with all of the tools you need to return to work and convince your boss this is a worthwhile use of your time and to implement this solution to provide a modern way of providing accurate information about your estate.

The recording for this session has been posted to our YouTube channel

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