Want to get something fixed/improved/added in SQL Server Management Studio? Join us on Trello!

Do you have something you want to get fixed, improved, or added in SQL Server Management Studio?  If so, join us on Trello!


A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we are using Trello to help the community collaborate about what we want next in SQLPS before we submit Connect items to Microsoft.

That effort is going very well.  It’s going so well in fact that when the topic of getting some new improvements into SSMS was brought up, the SQL Tools team suggested that a Trello board to collaborate and prioritize what people want improved in SSMS would be very helpful to them.  Ultimately Microsoft needs Connect items filed but using Trello helps folks to debate and combine ideas.

We fired up the new Trello board for SSMS Thursday evening and there’s already a lot of ideas on there.  So far, “Warn for DELETE or UPDATE without WHERE” is out leading vote-getter.


I can’t wait to see all the great ideas that people come up with!

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