Connect is Working! Get in While the Getting is Good!!!

TL;DR: Go Vote / File on Connect NOW!

For years I’ve avoided Connect, it’s true.

imageIn an ironic twist fit for a recursive-CTE I think I quit using Connect over responses to items like this one “Improvements to Keyboard Shortcuts in SSMS” when it was “Closed as Won’t Fix”.  Well I didn’t quit right that second, I had to let my feelings be know first, so I left this comment
”Posted by SQLvariant on 6/1/2011 at 4:14 AM

Please reopen this bug ASAP!
At the very least you need to fix Highlight+Alt+F1. I hate having to put brackets around the name just to get its definition.
It probably sounds like nothing to the team because you just do [sales.salesorder] to get it to work but when you open up someone else’s stored proc and the code says [sales].[salesorder] and you have to strip out the inner “]~[“ and leave just the “.” …Do that 15 times and you get really ticked! ”

Well, turns out.  They fixed that.  But unfortunately, they didn’t share the good news so by the end of 2011 I had enough and I stayed away for years.  Fast-forward 4 years later Chrissy LeMaire & I went on our campaign to Fix Just 3 Things and I was staring at my old nemesis again.  I had swore to never touch that thing again, and I hate going back on a promise like that; but this was for a friend.  So I did it.  I Up-Voted a Connect item for the first time in nearly over 4 years.  Next I did the un-thinkable.  I actually filed a new Connect Item.

Next thing you know, this rapid-release-cycle seems to be working out because we see this tweet:

So we file some more Connect items.  A bunch more connect items.  Heck I even filed one Connect this past Sunday afternoon and they replied to it Monday afternoon telling me they had already spotted the problematic piece of code and were pondering a fix! That’s 30 hours 18 minutes on that reply.

imageThat’s not the only thing that’s been fixed.  Remember that first item that was “Closed as Won’t Fix”.  Well check out this comment from last week.

imageAnd now another comment on that same item yesterday:

So here I am, once again, telling you there’s a chance.

Now get out there and Up-Vote a great idea like this one:




Or these:

LinkProblem / Suggestion Action to New Window AS PowerShell lacks a simple way to write rows from a .Net DataTable into a SQL Server table for converting any Powershell object into a DataTable which then can be bulk imported into a SQL Server table Login management functionality is missing from SQLPS Job support is missing from the SQLPS module; Get-SQLAgentJob & Get-SQLAgentJobHistory etc… PowerShell Editor into SSMS Lacks cmdlets to “Get” Common SQL Server Object, Like Get-SqlTable Server SQLPS PowerShell module fails connection to SQL 2012 instance 2014 SMO can’t query SQL 2012 instances: “SQL Server WMI provider is not available” Documentation for the limitations of a PowerShell step in a SQL Agent Job

Or file your own Connect item and tell me about it so I can share. Or even better, join us on Trello to collaborate about ways to improve SSMS & SQLPS



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