Automating Your SQL Server Best Practices Word Document

Just a quick update on PowerShell things for today but I hope to have some cool SQL Server 2016 features to share soon.

Laerte Junior will be presenting a session for the PowerShell VC of PASS tomorrow at noon EDT (GMT-4) titled “Automating Your SQL Server Best Practices Word Document”.  Laerte has done articles on this topic for Simple-Talk and tomorrow is your chance to see him do this live and ask questions you may have.

Automating Your SQL Server Best Practices Word Document
You are a consultant that needs to create a word document for your client with the best practices on SQL Server. You cannot install any kind of third party software so you will ended up doing a lot of queries and copying and paste to a word document. PowerShell MVP and SQL Server Pro Laerte Junior bets that you will spent a lot of time doing this. What if he told you could do all this work, including color-coded alerts in the document where there are problems or best practices aren’t being followed, with 2 clicks of the mouse?  In this session we will see ..well.. come with us and check this out!

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There are some great PowerShell suggestions coming out of the Trello board!  Here is the latest batch if you’d help make the SQL+PoSh world a little better by Up-Voting.

I know the anticipation is killing you (it’s killing me at least), but we’ve been told to expect to see any new SQLPS cmdlets to show up at the end of June when the update for SSMS is released.  Hopefully they’ll let us know about a few more of the cmdlets they have in the pipeline sometime soon.

LinkProblem / Suggestion of xSQLServer & xSQLPS into 1 module and gracefully replace with SQLServerDSC Action to New Window AS PowerShell lacks a simple way to write rows from a .Net DataTable into a SQL Server table for converting any Powershell object into a DataTable which then can be bulk imported into a SQL Server table

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