Performance Tweaking Your SQL Server via PowerShell and Other News

Wow, there’s so much PowerShell news and goings-on that I barely have time to update the blog.  Here is a very terse update of some of what’s going on.

Thank you to all of you who joined Amit Banerjee’s presentation yesterday on “You, SQL Server and PowerShell”.  You helped us set the all-time attendance record for a PowerShell VC session and that’s the second time we’ve done that this year!  We’ve already uploaded the video to YouTube and you can re-watch it here

I feel the the session should have been called something more like: “Performance Tweaking Your SQL Server via PowerShell” but that’s just me. In any event, Amit has made the scripts available on GitHub.

There’s been a lot of great news about the future of PowerShell+SQL Server lately.  Chrissy and I recently interviewed Ken Van Hyning, Engineering Manager for SQL Server Client Tools at Microsoft.  Read more here:

We’ve got more great sessions lined up for you already:

Advanced PowerShell Development by Bryan Cafferky
Registration Link

Automating Your SQL Server Best Practices Word Document by Laerte Junior, PowerShell MVP
Registration Link

And please don’t forget to help us Up-Vote Connect items so that everyone has a better PowerShell+SQL Server experience!  Smile

LinkProblem / Suggestion Login management functionality is missing from SQLPS Job support is missing from the SQLPS module; Get-SQLAgentJob & Get-SQLAgentJobHistory etc… PowerShell Editor into SSMS Lacks cmdlets to “Get” Common SQL Server Object, Like Get-SqlTable Server SQLPS PowerShell module fails connection to SQL 2012 instance 2014 SMO can’t query SQL 2012 instances: “SQL Server WMI provider is not available” Documentation for the limitations of a PowerShell step in a SQL Agent Job

And finally, if you want to collaborate on Connect items and prioritize when they are submitted, please join us on Trello.


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