And We’re Back

Wow, sorry for the long delay between blog posts there, I’ve been a tick busy lately. What have you been up to that has kept you away, you say? Oh not much, just: Got married (yes, still surprises me too some days), my wife gave us a baby boy, and my oldest child is off to College in a couple months. Outside of that not much really, just slackin’ really.

So yeah, I can’t believe she went through with it either, but a wonderful woman named Karen agreed to marry me in the fall of 2014. Here’s us at our wedding on 12-13-14 (That’s MM-DD-YY for your international folk). Karen has many talents but among them is that she has a Masters Degree in Child Psychology. And yes, you guessed it, I never win an argument and I now frequently find myself doing tasks I didn’t know I wanted to do. The Force is strong with this one!

In other news: We had a BOY!!!! That’s crazy in and of itself. I thought I was done having children honestly but SURPRISE. In fact, the week before Karen found out she was pregnant she told me: “I don’t need any kids, I have you”. His name is David and he still keeps us (read: Karen) up at night.

Here’s a picture of both my children at Dorothy’s 18th birthday celebration dinner last week. You may have met Dorothy at a SQL Saturday, she’s about to graduate high school in a few weeks and has already been accepted to a couple of colleges. Makes you feel old, huh? ME TOO!

More to come about SQL + PowerShell and all kinds of stuff very soon; but I wanted to get this update out to you right now.

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