SQL Server 2014 CTP 1 download now available!

I’m out here at TechEd Eurpe and I’m pleased to report they were showing the SQL Server folks some love during the opening keynote!

Microsoft’s Eron Kelly ( blog | twitter ) took the stage and quickly got to the point, announcing that CTP 1 of SQL Server 2014 is now available for download! If you haven’t been keeping up with the SQL Server 2014 you should probably catch up. SQL ’14 brings an in-memory story for both the OLAP folks *AND* the OLTP folks. For the OLAP folks, you’ll be getting Clusterable, Updateable, In-Memory Columnstore!! For the OLTP folks, you’re getting Hekaton. I won’t bother to explain it here, but it’s awesome as well J

If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you download the SQL Server 2014 product guide. It has a LOT of info inside of there about how you can leverage SQL ’14 to make your organization more capable than ever before. Trust me, it’s in there, I read nearly the whole dang thing while I was working the SQL Server booth at TechEd North America a few weeks ago.

After the announcement about the download was over, Eron brought out Dandy Weyn ( blog | twitter ) to give the crowd a demo of Data Explorer and GeoFlow. This demo was pretty similar to the kenote demos already shown at the Business Analytics Summit and TechEd North America but was customized for the soccer (football) loving fans of Europe.

Dadny did a great job with the demo but I will admit, seeing the 30-foot tall version of him on the screen was a bit odd.

Again, I highly encourage you to download the SQL ’14 product guide and see what appeals to you. So far, AAD offload is my favorite feature. I’ll blog about why that is soon.

I have to run to my booth duties right now so I’ll close with some more pictures. Hopefully I’ll find some more time later to tell you more about the event.


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