SQL Saturday Atlanta Call for Speakers re-opened for Advanced Sessions Only



Today we have sent out a survey to the folks who have registered for SQL Saturday Atlanta to get their help with selecting a few of the sessions for the event.  Some of the sessions are from speakers whom the team knows we want to speak and we just need help selecting which session of theirs to pick.  We know which session we want to see, but we’re not the only ones who will be there   Because of the strong demand to speak at SQL Saturday Atlanta it is unlikely that any speakers will get two sessions so please make your voice heard!

The other sessions are ones where the team couldn’t come to a consensus on who to select.  We’ve decided to seek your input here as well.

Advanced Sessions

Beyond the survey, I wanted to let folks know that in looking over the abstracts submitted, the team has determined (and voted) that there were not enough Advanced sessions to include on the schedule.  Because of this, we have decided to open the call for speakers again but this time we will only but for “Advanced” sessions only.  Any newly submitted Intermediate or Beginner sessions will not be considered because we’re going to use the feedback from the above mentioned survey to help us finish picking from what has been submitted already.

We’re only holding back 5 session slots for this attempt, a mere 10% of our schedule, so please act quickly.

We value everyone’s time!

Again, we value everyone’s time! Obviously we will give preference to any speakers who already submitted and wants to submit an “Advanced” session for us to consider.  However, if you did not submit already and have an Advanced session you would like to submit, please do!  We will close the call for speakers again as soon as we think we have enough Advanced sessions we can move forward with.  We’re not going to keep it open any longer than we need to.

We’re also not going to hold up notifying the first 45 speakers because of the extended Advanced sessions call, the hold up there has been getting a survey together and out.  Serious lessons learned there!  (but that’s a completely different blog post.)

At the end of the day, we’re just trying to come up with the best content for the people who are missing out on their Saturday to learn more.  I hope this helps explain things and gets people excited about the next SQL Saturday Atlanta!

[Already] Submitted Speakers

You may have received an email today from the SQLSaturday website announcing an extended call for speakers; our goal was to stress the limitations of this call (Advanced topics only), but the system-generated email went out without our intended edits.  We’re VERY sorry for the confusion.

Did I mention that we value everyone’s time?

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