PowerShell Presentation at SQLskills open-mic night

Kimberly Tripp ( blog | twitter ) and Paul Randal ( blog | twitter ) SQLsklls are here in Atlanta this week.  Last night they held an ‘open mic’ night and allowed anyone who wanted to present a topic 15 minutes to show something to the rest of the class.  Surprise, surprise I decided to talk about PowerShell.

I received multiple requests to post the scripts I used before I even had a chance to sit down so here they are.

If you were in the class and would like to use these and don’t even know where to start with PowerShell have a look at my “Resources for my SQL Server PowerShell Extensions webcast” post.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of their classes and present in front of Paul and Kim TAKE IT! 🙂  Even if it’s just about your SSMS tips or how to work around a problem you encountered.  The feedback you get is *more* than worth it!

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  1. Thanks Aaron for the post of the scripts and the link to your resources post. Enjoyed meeting you in the class and getting a chance to learn more about what PowerShell can do.

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