Scripts for presentation today at the 2011 PASS Summit

I’m presenting at the PASS Summit today and just wanted to post the scripts I plan on using.  If you’re following along and you’re new to PowerShell I recommend that you have a look at this article I wrote earlier this year: Day Zero with PowerShell

  1. Table Size
    1. Store Results
  2. Compress Tables
    1. Compress Indexes
    2. Store Results
  3. Process Cube
  4. Backup Database –PassThru
  5. Download Denali CTP
  6. Grab Configuration Info
  7. New Get-DisksSpace try to pass from Reg servers w/ Group
  8. Email Space Report
  9. CSV with Bulk Insert
  10. Import CSV with Out-DataTable
  11. Allen Kinsel – Logs
  12. SQL Saturday – Navigate Event Schedule XML

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