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imageI did another webcast for the Secrets of SQL Server webcast series today.  In the today’s webcast we built on some things I had demoed in a prior webcast and showed how PowerShell in conjunction with SQLPSX can really help you solve some common problems DBAs face.

I showed how you could pull size and free space information from all of your data files, then used the same technique to pull size information from all of your tables across every database on an instance.  Later we created a database and some tables, and then showed how to do some basic login comparisons, all with SQLPSX.

In addition, we stored the results of the frees pace and table size information in a database using the Out-DataTable and Write-DataTable functions.  Finally we wrapped up with a quick demo on how the new SQL Server cmdlets inside of the SQLPS Module in Denali combined with some new functionality in PowerShell v3 CTP1 can really make backing up a database with PowerShell a lot easier.

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate today’s demos;

I hope I see you next week at the PASS Summit or next month during another webcast, this time on customizing your own functions to work with the SMO.

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