New PowerShell Cmdlets in SQL Denali CTP3

CTP3 of SQL Denali is finally publicly available!

I woke up at 5 am this morning to kick off my download.  I’ve finished the install and I’m happy that I can finally report that we have new cmdlets for SQL Server. 

First off, after running Get-Module -ListAvailable I saw:

Manifest   SQLPS

This means that SQLPS inside of SQL Agent should finally allow you to import a module during your job step. 

There is now a Function called SQLServer that, from what I can tell, is the SQLServer Provider.  When under PS SQLSERVER:\> if you do a dir | Select pschildname you will find the following list:


From my notes it looks like XEvent, IntegrationServices, and SQLAS are the directories that have been added here.  Can’t wait to try out the IntegrationServices portion!  [Update]: Apparently I may need a defaul instance install for this to work.

I also noticed that Tab-Completion appears to be fixed!!  🙂  Also, SQL Registrations > ‘Database Engine Server Group’ are split up into instances like CMS was.  Not sure what that’s all about just yet.  In fact when I try to use it, it doesn’t seem to work.  Maybe I should read the help files.  But I think they may have just gotten CMS & RS reversed.  CMS isn’t working for me either yet.

When you drill down under XEvents and go to your Denali instaince you will see: Packages, & Sessions.  I guess this means that I finally need to read Jonathat’s blog series on X-Events.

When I imported the SQLPS module I received a warning about unapproved verbs.  Oh well, hopefully they’ll work that out soon.  Next I ran Get-Command -Module “SQLPS” and found the following list of cmdlets.

Name Module
Add-SqlAvailabilityDatabase SQLPS
Add-SqlAvailabilityGroupListenerStaticIp SQLPS
Backup-SqlDatabase SQLPS
Convert-UrnToPath SQLPS
Decode-SqlName SQLPS
Disable-SqlHADRService SQLPS
Enable-SqlHADRService SQLPS
Encode-SqlName SQLPS
Invoke-PolicyEvaluation SQLPS
Invoke-Sqlcmd SQLPS
Join-SqlAvailabilityGroup SQLPS
New-SqlAvailabilityGroup SQLPS
New-SqlAvailabilityGroupListener SQLPS
New-SqlAvailabilityReplica SQLPS
New-SqlHADREndpoint SQLPS
Remove-SqlAvailabilityDatabase SQLPS
Remove-SqlAvailabilityGroup SQLPS
Remove-SqlAvailabilityReplica SQLPS
Restore-SqlDatabase SQLPS
Resume-SqlAvailabilityDatabase SQLPS
Set-SqlAvailabilityGroup SQLPS
Set-SqlAvailabilityGroupListener SQLPS
Set-SqlAvailabilityReplica SQLPS
Set-SqlHADREndpoint SQLPS
Suspend-SqlAvailabilityDatabase SQLPS
Switch-SqlAvailabilityGroup SQLPS
Test-SqlAvailabilityGroup SQLPS
Test-SqlAvailabilityReplica SQLPS
Test-SqlDatabaseReplicaState SQLPS

Analysis Services got some love too in the form of 11 cmdlets!  After inporting the SQLASCMDLETS module I ran this Get-Command -Module “SQLASCMDLETS” and found the following.

Name Module
Invoke-ProcessCube SQLASCMDLETS
Invoke-ProcessDimension SQLASCMDLETS
Invoke-ProcessPartition SQLASCMDLETS
Merge-Partition SQLASCMDLETS
New-RestoreFolder SQLASCMDLETS
New-RestoreLocation SQLASCMDLETS
Remove-RoleMember SQLASCMDLETS

More news to follow soon!

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