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imageLate last year I contributed three guest blogger posts to a full week of posts about PowerShell and SQL Server. The posts were published a week before the PASS Summit. In them I tried to not only cover how useful PowerShell is for automating your every day SQL tasks but also the different approaches you have for accomplishing them: PowerShell cmdlet, WMI, SMO, SQL Provider, and .Net.

It’s a huge honor to get the chance to be a guest blogger on Hey Scripting Guy! and I hope these posts were able to make some people’s (o.k. A Lot of People’s) lives easier. Given the number of people checking out PowerShell for the first time based on the comments to my MCM Videos download script I figured I’d call these out today:

Use PowerShell to Obtain SQL Server Database Sizes

Use PowerShell to Change SQL Server Service Accounts

Use PowerShell to Script SQL Database Objects


I know that the Hey Scripting Guy! blog is the #1 blog on TechNet but I’m not allowed to know any specifics beyond that. I did however catch this in yesterday’s post: “In general, the articles we published on SQL Server and on SharePoint have been really popular.” So hopefully that means we’ll get to hear some more SQL voices there in the near future. Maybe even in time for SQL Rally, who knows? Winking smile

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