I’m on the PowerScripting Podcast

PowerScripting PodcastTwo Weeks ago I got to sit around a table with Jon Walz ( blog | twitter ), Hal Rottenberg ( blog | twitter ), Ed Wilson ( blog | twitter ) and Mark Mitchell ( blog | twitter ) to talk about PowerShell and the 2010 PASS Summit. Surprised it only took 48 minutes! Open-mouthed smile It’s always a lot of fun to get to sit around and talk with those guys at any time but I’m glad it was recorded so that their community can hear how we’re using PowerShell in the SQL community.

If you’ve never been to their site (PowerScripting.net) it is PACKED with PowerShell tips! You would be amazed at the cool tips that you can find from shows they did a year or two ago and their all it the show notes.

I hope you enjoy the show oh and sorry B/I people, I didn’t mean any thing by the parsley thing Winking smile


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