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SQLRally LogoA few weeks back quite a few people asked me if I was going to be submitting a pre-con session on PowerShell for SQLRally.  I hadn’t planned on submitting one but so many people asked me about it that I decided to go ahead and come up with one.  My session is a half-day session and has been paired with another PowerShell session by PowerShell MVP Max Trinidad ( blog | twitter ).

You can read about the options here and if you’d like to go the the sessions that Max and I are putting together please vote for them here.  Please only cast your vote for which ones you’d be willing to pay up to $199 to attend.  Voting is open until 8 AM PST November 2, 2011. The winning sessions will be announced at the 2010 PASS Summit in two weeks.

The details about my session are in the link but in short I plan to take Data Professionals from knowing nothing about PowerShell to being able to use it to simplify their lives in just 4 hours.  I will go over a few techniques that I use and then I will be showing a lot of different code examples.  If you’ve never worked with PowerShell before I’m sure you’ll be blown away by how little code is needed to build most of these practical everyday examples.

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