Historical Dates for SQL Saturdays

Yesterday afternoon a conversation popped up on twitter about organizers and speakers already trying to figure out dates for SQL Saturdays in 2011. I’ve been thinking this needs to be worked on proactively for some time now so I jumped right into the conversation. Now I don’t know but a handful of dates for 2011 that a few organizers have mentioned to me but luckily having parsed so much other SQL Saturday data, coming up with a list of when cities have held SQL Saturdays in the past was a piece of cake. 20 minutes total including this post. Hopefully this info will help a few organizers pick dates for 2011.

As Promised [yesterday on twitter] here is a “calendar” of all the historical SQL Saturdays and the Saturday that they would fall on if they were held in 2011. To calculate the Saturday I just grabbed the week number from the previous and then just added years from there with some date functions in SQL Server.

The number beside the city is the # of times a SQL Saturday has been held on that weekend in that city, not total # of SQL Saturdays period. The cities with zeros are like that because they haven’t held a SQL Saturday on that weekend yet but are scheduled to hold one on that date. Hope that all makes sense (it made sense in my head).

Week #SaturdayHistorical Cities
41/22/20110 Louisville
2 Tampa
51/29/20111 Boston
0 Houston
62/5/20110 Cleveland
72/12/20111 Tampa
82/19/20110 Phoenix
103/5/20111 Charlotte
113/12/20111 Philadelphia
133/26/20111 Birmingham
154/9/20111 Richmond
164/16/20111 Chicago
174/23/20112 Atlanta
1 New York City
1 Huntington Beach
184/30/20112 Jacksonville
1 Wheeling
195/7/20111 Jacksonville
215/21/20111 Portland
1 Dallas
225/28/20111 Birmingham
236/4/20112 Pensacola
1 Portland
246/11/20111 Redmond
266/25/20111 Columbus
317/30/20111 South Florida
1 Baton Rouge
328/6/20111 South Florida
338/13/20111 Baton Rouge
348/20/20111 Nashville
389/17/20111 San Diego
1 East Iowa
1 Raleigh
399/24/20111 Colorado
4010/1/20111 Columbia
1 Kansas City
1 Redmond
4110/8/20111 Gainesville (Atlanta)
1 Greenville
4210/15/20112 Orlando
1 East Iowa
4310/22/20110 Dallas
0 Salt Lake City
1 Louisville
1 Orlando
4410/29/20110 Minnesota
4511/5/20111 Orlando
4711/19/20110 New York City
4912/3/20110 DC

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    1. Yeah it is a big vacation month but the second half of July might be a good time for cities in the North since people in the South are looking for any excuse to get out of town for a few days 🙂

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