Speaking About PowerShell at SQL Saturday in Raleigh

image I’ll be speaking at SQL Saturday #46 in Raleigh this weekend!  I’m really excited to be speaking at this event because I talked Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson ( blog | twitter ) into being a presenter too 🙂  and take a wild guess what we’ll both be speaking about!  It wasn’t really hard to get Ed to join us actually; I sent him a tweet saying something like ‘Hey Ed can you come out and speak to us SQL folks’ and his reply was ‘I’ll submit something tonight’.  Might want to keep that in mind the next time that you’re looking for a speaker. 

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Take a look at the schedule and you’ll see that it’s packed with SQL Server experts so come on out and join
 us, the football hasn’t gotten all that good yet so you’ve got no reason not to.  Also, I have a new demo that Lee Holmes helped me get working that if you love to hate extracting data from Excel, this will make your life much simpler. 

Start TimeTrack 1Track 2Track 3Track 4Track 5Track 6
8:30 AMAndy Leonard
Build Your First SSIS Package
Rafael Salas
Dimensional Modeling: Why Should You Care?
Sergey Pustovit
SQL Server Performance Related DMVs
Kevin Boles
Common TSQL Programming Mistakes*
Flavio Almeida
Self-Service BI with PowerPivot
Geoff Hiten
Clustering for Mere Mortals
9:45 AMJohn Welch
Processing Flat Files with SSIS
Mark Tabladillo
Data Mining with PowerPivot 2010
Jana Sattainathan
Partitioning in SQL Server 2005/2008
Tim Chapman
How, where, why, and when to use Dynamic SQL
Jessica Moss
Who Needs a Data Warehouse?
Aaron Nelson
The Dirty Dozen: PowerShell Scripts for Busy DBAs
11:00 AMChris Skorlinski
Introduction to Change Data Capture
Mark Tabladillo
Document Classification using DMX in SSAS
Andrew Kelly
Maximizing Plan Re-use in SQL 2008
Kevin Goode
Embracing the CLR
Mike Davis
Reporting Services 2008 R2, the New Stuff
Brian Kelley
Fortress SQL Server
12:00 PM    SQL Saturday
Red Gate Software
01:00 PMJohn Welch
Patterns for SSIS Configuration and Deployment
William Pearson
Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services
Grant Fritchey
Identifying and Fixing Performance Problems using
Andy Leonard
Database Design for Developers
Jason Hall
Recipe for a Happy DBA – A Guide for SQL Server De
Ed Wilson
Windows PowerShell Best Practices for SQL DBA’s
02:15 PMAndy Leonard
SSIS Design Patterns
Steve Wright
The Shade Tree Mechanic’s Guide to SSAS
Thomas LaRock
Performance Tuning Made Easy
Allen White
XQuery Basics
Geoff Hiten
Brian Kelley
The Dirty Business of Auditing
3:30 PMChris Skorlinski
Integrating CDC and SSIS for Incremental Data Load
Mike Davis
Using Parameters in SQL Server Reporting Services
Kevin Goode
Statistics, how to prove everything but the truth.
Kevin Boles
Advanced TSQL Solutions
SQL Saturday
Q & A — Stump the Speakers
Amy Styers
Virtualizing SQL Best Practices
4:30 PM    SQL Saturday
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