I’ll be Speaking at SQL Saturday #48 in Columbia, SC

image I’ll be speaking at SQL Saturday #48 this weekend and I am happy to announce I will be unveiling my more advanced PowerShell session to help people customize scripts for their own environment.  I will be showing off several new scripts that I built for my session at the PASS Summit this year.  Please be ready to give plenty of brutal feedback on these scripts so that I can incorporate that feedback in the final versions that I take to the Summit.

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Besides my two sessions I will be joined by Eric Humphrey ( blog | twitter ) and Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson ( blog | twitter ) who will also be speaking about PowerShell.  Eric totally stole the idea for his session from me but hey I guess ‘Great Minds Think Alike’ 😉  Just a quick glance at the schedule shows experts descending on Columbia from Richmond, Tampa, Orlando & Alabama just to name a few so don’t even think of coming up with some lame excuse that it’s too far to drive.  We’ll also be joined by a bunch of SQL Experts from Microsoft’s Charlotte campus so it’s definitely work the trip and I hope to hear you heckle me there!

Start TimeLarge SessionBI 1BI 2DB Admin 1DB Admin 2DB Dev 1DB Dev 2Misc
08:15 AMSQLSat Staff
Opening Remarks
8:30 AMAlejandro Mesa
Parameter Sniffing
Jessica Moss
Make Reporting Services Work For You
Stuart Ainsworth
Confessions of a Data Integrator: Bad Designs
Andy Warren
DBA 101: The Basics
Sergey Pustovit
SQL Server Performance Related DMVs
Alex Tocitu
Eric Humphrey
Things To Do With PowerShell & SMO
William Pearson
Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services
9:45 AMAndy Leonard
Database Design for Developers
Wayne Snyder
Information Visualization – Making great Charts
John Welch
Creating Custom Components for SSIS
Janis Griffin
SQL Server Service Broker – An Overview
Aaron Nelson
The Dirty Dozen: PowerShell Scripts for Busy DBAs
Matthew Campbell
Going Spatial
Andrew Kelly
Maximizing Plan Re-use in SQL 2008
Jose Chinchilla
Get Cert! Get Cred!
11:00 AMSergey Pustovit
SQL Server Diagnostics Tools Unleashed
Evan Basalik
Troubleshooting SSRS Performance
William Pearson
Getting Started with MDX
Sandra Mueller
Data Files and Transaction Logs — beyond the GUIs
Geoff Hiten
Clustering for Mere Mortals
Tim Chapman
How, where, why, and when to use Dynamic SQL
Rafael Salas
Managing Database Schemas With VS201 DB projects
Andy Warren
Building a Professional Development Plan
12:00 PMStuart Ainsworth
Lunch & Red Gate Software Demo
1:15 PMAndrew Kelly
Storage and I/O Best Practices for SQL Server
Andy Leonard
SSIS Design Patterns
Mark Tabladillo
Data Mining with PowerPivot 2010
David Taylor
To click or to type, that is the question.
Aaron Nelson
PowerShell 2.0 Beyond the Dirty Dozen
Brett Tomson
T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2008
Alex Tocitu
CLR 101
Chris Skorlinski
Top 5 fastest ways as DBA to get fired
2:30 PMEd Wilson
Windows PowerShell Best Practices for SQL DBA’s
Julie Smith
Cool Tricks to Pull from your SSIS Hat
Sandra Mueller
OLTP (yes!) Databases and Cube Design
Ben DeBow
Consolidated SQL Server Architectures
Evan Basalik
Diagnosing connectivity issues with SQL Server
Stuart Ainsworth
You Got XML In My Database? What’s Up With That?
Bob Langley
Introduction To Column Level Encryption
Eric Humphrey
Object Relational Mappers for the DBA
3:45 PMGeoff Hiten
Jessica Moss
Who Needs a Data Warehouse?
Jose Chinchilla
Business Intelligence: Decaffeinated Please!
Chris Skorlinski
Introduction to Transactional Replication
Janis Griffin
Tuna Helper – Proven Process for Tuning SQL
Brett Tomson
What’s New In SSRS 2008 (With Added R2 Flair)
John Welch
Processing Flat Files with SSIS
Rafael Salas
Planning your ETL architecture with SSIS
4:45 PMSQLSat Staff
Closing Ceremonies & Raffle

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