SQL Saturday Nashville Code and Slides

Wow.  I think Nashville may have just thrown down the gauntlet and tried to steal the title from Atlanta for ‘Best Attendee Shirt’.  It’s pretty sweet and I can’t wait to wear mine.  The speaker shirt was excellent as well; I may wear mine to work next Friday.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around because I had a date with history but as promised, here are the scripts and slides I used.

As for the session itself.  I got several compliments and saw quite a few good tweets on twitter but I have to say I could have done better.  *As always* I tried showing off a script that I had never dived into during a SQL event and it ended up generating more questions than I expected.  It was a little out of sequence with my normal routine (hey you have to try new things) and unfortunately I realized afterwards that it should have been the 4th script that I demoed not the second.  BUT.  The questions that were asked were great and it was great feedback as to what people were able to pick up on without ever having seen PowerShell before.

I will reseed this scripts for my presentation tonight at the Columbus, GA chapter.  Who know, maybe if I get it right Louis will let me come back and do the full session after the Summit.  :-)

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