Columbus and Edmonton Code and Slides

I spoke in Columbus, GA and Edmonton, um…, somewhere in Canada on back to back nights this Tuesday and Wednesday. (I’m kidding, I know it’s in Alberta, and you guys like the Jets right? 😉 ) I used the same slide deck for both sessions; well, for Edmonton I didn’t even use a slide deck, but the scripts I covered were a little different.

image I’ve recently learned that if you only have PowerPoint 2007 you’ll need to download this viewer because I built the slides in PowerPoint 2010. Here are the scripts for Columbus and Edmonton.

I think both events went really well and got a lot of people saying: ‘Hey, this PowerShell stuff could work in my environment’. I really hope they catch the fever! I’d love to speak to each of these groups next year and see what questions they come up with and see how much they’re using it. I’ve got a more advanced session that I will be debuting a little later this year so hopefully I’ll get to share it with them too.

Huge thanks to Jonathan Boulineau ( twitter ) and Colin Stasiuk ( blog | twitter ) for all they do for their groups all year long.

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    1. Thanks for letting me guys present for you. I hope you guys find the scripts useful and build something really cool that saves you some time :-).

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