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I am We are now monitoring #PoShHelp on twitter for #PowerShell help

The #SQLHelp hashtag has been an overwhelming success and it is time for PowerShell to get their own help tag. The PowerShell community is incredibly generous and this tag can help those generous and knowledgeable folks impart their wisdom when you are struggling. I think #PoShHelp will be a great success.

How to Ask #PoShHelp Questions

Sign up for a Twitter account.  You don’t have to follow anyone, but if you want to, I’d suggest following Steven Murawski’s PowerShell Twitterers list instead of individual people.  Brent Ozar has a post on how to use Twitter lists, but in a nutshell, they let you keep in touch with a lot of people who focus on a particular topic.  The cool part is that their tweets don’t clutter up your main Twitter page, which is important because there’s several hundred PowerShell folks on Twitter as of this writing.

When you need help, write a tweet and include #PoShHelp in the tweet, like this:


Why not just use the #PowerShell hashtag that everyone already uses?

People use that hashtag for anything PowerShell related.  Blogs, news stories, events, pictures, funny stories, training, even problems: all things that someone wants to let everyone else in the community know about.  The problem is that it can become very chatty and so I can’t have tweetdeck notify me every time that someone says something about PowerShell.  I do have a job ya’ know 😉

What not to use the #PoShHelp hashtag for?

Pretty much the #1 rule is:  Don’t use the #PoShHelp tag for marketing.  The tag is there for people to help other people they may have never met.  Because of this (and just how insanely generous all these PowerShell people are) they might setup the advanced notifications in twitter apps like tweetdeck to notify them every time someone asks for #PoShHelp.  If you’re trying to promote software, events, or your blog (and the blog post has nothing to do with how you helped someone that asked for #PoShHelp) then don’t use #PoShHelp just use #PowerShell.

While the PowerShell community isn’t quite as large as the SQL community it’s still pretty darn big and everyone I’ve ever learned PowerShell from is on twitter.

* Please Note:  A portion of this post was completely ripped off and hacked back together from a post Brent Ozar originally did on the #SQLHelp hashtag

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