FWIW: #EXCHHelp or #EXCHGHelp?

I saw a tweet on the #SQLHelp hotline last night from Mike Talon ( blog | twitter ) asking “Is there an #Exchange version of #SQLHelp?”


My immediate reaction was: Wow!!  What a compliment to the #SQLPASS community that other communities want to help each other like we do!  [Insert Giant Community Pat-On-The-Back]

I know less than nothing about Exchange.  I’m pretty sure that it runs on Windows and I of course know that you can manage with PowerShell 😉 Oh, and my Outlook doesn’t work if it can’t connect to Exchange; and that’s pretty much it.  So in the spirit of #SQLHelp I had to lend what hand I could, and that’s only in naming.  The key is to be short and recognizable.

  • #EXCHelp  Can’t do it because people could mistake the hash for Excel.
  • #EXCHHelp  Was my suggestion because it’s short and hopefully recognizable to them.
  • #EXCHGHelp  Was Mike’s idea, he said that EXCHG was a common way of referencing Exchange. 

I really have no idea what’s going to be a success for them here but I wish them the best of luck in getting the word out on whichever hashtag they settle on.


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