Quick Blog: Updated SQL Saturday Map

It seemed like now would be a good time to update the SQL Saturday Map so here it is.  The center-left of the map is starting to fill in nicely.  I hear that California is the most people of any state in the union and yet they only have 1 SQL Saturday…  What’s up with that?  :-)

If you know of any SQL Saturdays that haven’t made this list please let me know.  Even if they are still in the discussions/planning stage I’d still like to get it on the list.


Green: held a SQL Saturday prior to 2010
Yellow: holding their first SQL Saturday in 2010 or eraly 2011
Turquoise: I’ve heard rumors over twitter…

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3 Responses

  1. I guess I will go ahead and start the rumor that Atlanta is hoping to hold our next SQL Saturday on May 14th 2011.

  2. Rumor for SQLSaturday in Houston is true….. announcement expected soon for early 2011.

    1. Great to hear it! I just hope you don’t pick the same weekend as Tampa. That would make it really hard to pick between.

    1. Yeah we try to do our part. We’re already working on plans for our late-Spring event for next year here in Atlanta. :-)
      We’re also hoping that maybe Columbus, Savannah or some other city will want to do one too.

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