T-SQL Tuesday #005 – Reporting

Invitation for T-SQL Tuesday #005- Reporting

Spring Break or not, time marches on and so does T-SQL Tuesday.  I’ll be your host this month and we are going with “Reporting”

The Post must go live between 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday the 13th of April and 00:00:00 GMT on Wednesday the 14th (also known as 8pm EDT, 5pm PDT).

You Don’t Know What T-SQL Tuesday Is Yet?

Adam Machanic (Also on twitter as @AdamMachanic) had a great idea 5 months back – Invite new and existing SQL Server bloggers to post about the same topic on the same day. The results have been excellent – diverse skill sets and data related job roles all posting from differing perspectives on the same issue.

Since this is still early in the game, a quick list of the post roundups from the first 4 topics:


Reporting is a potentially huge topic so here are just a handful of ideas that might get you started:

  • Server Performance Reporting
  • Technologies to help offload reporting
  • Reporting services tricks
  • T-SQL tricks for presentation and formatting
  • Database design considerations for reporting
  • Self-service reports
  • Reports for executives
  • Reporting from Oracle in SSRS

Don’t forget that the DMVs are pretty much qualified as ‘Reports’ so those count too!

Pesky little rules…

Once again, please note the time is in GMT (occasionally called UTC). I also echo earlier encouragements to feel free to write your post ahead of time and schedule it. The rules are around when the post publishes, not when it is written.These rules are the same as the previous couple of T-SQL Tuesday’s but I’ll recap:

  1. The Post must go live between 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday the 13th of April and 00:00:00 GMT on Wednesday the 14th (also known as 8pm EDT, 5pm PDT). If it isn’t, it can’t be included in the round up post.
  2. Your post must link back to this post (Trackback or Comment).
  3. “T-SQL Tuesday #005” MUST be in the title of the post.
  4. It is your responsibility to verify the trackback or comment appears here on this post.  If you don’t see your trackback add your own comment with a link back to your T-SQL Tuesday post and it will be included in the roundup.


Not a rule but a great idea. A lot of the folks who read and participate are on twitter. Follow the hashtag #TSQL2sDay and when your post goes live, tweet a link to it with that tag.

Want To Host?

All you have to do is participate in at least two events and let Adam Machanic know. You can tweet him or leave a comment on his blog, all described in his first T-SQL Tuesday Invitation.

If you need any more clarification, leave a comment. I will respond in the comments or update this post if necessary. Have fun thinking of a topic and I look forward to reading the posts!

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