Schedule Posted for SQL Saturday #41 – Sort of…

We’ve decided to try a different approach to SQL Saturday and get attendees to vote on what sessions they would like to see so that we can use that as a guide to figure out which size room to put sessions in.  You can find the schedule as we currently have it configured here.  Once we get the results of the survey we will redo the schedule based on that.  I’d give you the link to the survey but unless you registered for the event you don’t get to vote so check your email if you registered.


We’re also trying something else different with our schedule, we’re going with 7 sessions in a day.  If you think this is a bad idea please tell us (comment box below).  We just got so many good sessions from so many good speakers that we didn’t want to leave people out. 


Boxes of swag are continuing to arrive so we should have plenty to giveaway at the end.  My goal is for 20% of the attendees to leave with a book.  I’m half way to achieving that goal, no idea if I’ll succeed but I figured I needed something to shoot for.  Currently searching for where to hold the after-party, we’re definitely open to suggestions on that.

More info to come next week!

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  1. I think asking for votes is interesting in terms of getting the attendees involved. I think Dallas was thinking to try the same. If it works it wouldn’t be hard to add it as core functionality to the SQLSaturday tools.

    I’m curious to see how 7 sessions works out. It’s a lot, but I like that you’re trying to get everyone in the game. Wish I was attending:-)

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