Quick Blog: SQL Saturday Map Updated

Hey folks, I did a quick update to the SQL Saturday Map.  I went ahead and color coded the cities that have already done a SQL Saturday in a previous year as Green, cities that are holding their first SQL Saturday this year as Yellow, and cities that are in discussion to hold a SQL Saturday but aren’t official yet as Turquoise.

Has anyone else noticed that despite being home to a SQL conference, Las Vegas hasn’t held one yet?  Or as Brad Shultz pointed out, San Francisco nor Silicon Valley have held one.  I wonder if there’s a Chapter in Key West?  I know there’s one in the Cayman’s; I’d love to speak there. 🙂


I also built another map using the same colors to show where you can still catch a SQL Saturday this year.  Did you know that you can learn some PowerShell at almost every one of these events? 😉  I will update this one later and try to include the info off the location page and things like that.


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