I’ll be speaking at CodeStock!

I’ll have more info for you guys later but this will be my first non-SQL-centric event that I will be speaking at so I just wanted to share 🙂 I’m extra-excited about this event because this year they are making a push for Women In Technology.  Here’s a snippet from that announcement:

This year we are hoping to aid in raising awareness for women in technology.  The US Department of Labor reported in 2009 women made up only 22.9% of computer programmers, and just 20.9% of computer software engineers.  For comparison, women chief executives counted for 23.4% – more women are CEOs than programmers!  (As an aside, 79.2% of meeting and convention planners are women, I’m a rarity it seems.)

This problem isn’t a simple one, and it not going to be fixed by a clever logo, but we can help by raising awareness.

Here’s some more info on the event:

The theme for CodeStock 2010 is about connections.  Connecting with peers and building a professional network.  Connecting with IT roles outside of your own.  Connecting with the people who can help make your ideas reality.

  • Keynote by Microsoft Developer Evangelist Rachel Appel
  • Sessions for Developers, IT Professionals, and Entrepreneurs
  • 100+ break out sessions + Open Spaces (self-organizing sessions)
  • Panel discussions and live podcasts
  • CodeStock Social Event to meet and make connections

Space is limited so register today at CodeStock.org

Join me at CodeStock

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