Speaking at SQLSaturday #33 in Charlotte, NC

I will be speaking at SQLSaturday #33 in Charlotte, NC on March 6.  I’m bringing two new sessions with me, “Virtualize This!” and “PowerShell Awesomesauce”. 


Virtualize This! is going to be sort-of an overview of what options are available with virtualization.  I say sort-of because I’m not big on PowerPoint, in fact I’ve only used it twice [in my life]; both times to create slide decks for sessions.  While I plan to go through what various options are available I plan to lay it out in relation to a Development or Test environment scenario that is likely to happen at just about any shop around the world if they choose to use virtualization.  I had originally planned to deliver this session at SQL Saturday #30 in Richmond but that got snowed out.  I guess about the only other thing I can say about this session is that I promise it’s not a sales pitch for virtualization; it’s more like walking through a likely use case for it.


PowerShell Awesomesauce is the name that I’m inflicting on people because I just couldn’t come up with anything.  I totally blame Jen McCown over at Midnight DBA for getting that word stuck in my head earlier in the day.  So anyways I’ve found so many new things to cram into my PowerShell for Data Professionals session and it was overflowing with so much PoSh goodness that I had to break it out into a second session.  I haven’t actually picked yet what all will go into this session besides talking about the Snapins but you can expect to see a few of the demos from my session earlier this week plus a few new ones.  PowerShell just has so much to offer so I am going to have to figure out what I can make flow together in just the one hour slot that I have.

After that (and lunch) I will be doing my PowerShell for Data Professional session.  About a third of the content from this session will be split off into my new session, which should hopefully leave enough time to actually finish everything that I wanted to get to this time.

In between my own sessions I likely will be catching Is Virtualization is a good choice for SQL Server? by Denny Cherry as well as Automate SQL Server Administration with PowerShell & Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell both by Allen White.

That about wraps it up for this post and I hope to see you there in Charlotte!!

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