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For the next several weeks (about 9) I will be really busy with a data center move and doing some presentations on PowerShell.  During that time I’m sure I’ll find all kinds of cool uses for PowerShell and SQL Server and I’ll post them as quick as I can in a small bite-sized format.  This will make it quick and easy for people to read and for me it will mean much less time to get a post ready.  Sometimes when getting a blog post ready I will take as many a 8 screen shots of the same thing just trying to make sure that I got everything easy to understand, syntactically correct, and useful.

 PoSh image

Once I’m done with all this (around May) I will come back and thread these posts together into a bigger story and show you how much time we saved from end to end.  So far I already have about 3 of the bite-sized posts that I need to write and we’ve saved at least 4 hours on tasks that previously would have required loads of manually clicking around.

I hope this format helps people easily take advantage of what I’ve found useful between leveraging SQL and PowerShell.

btw…  If you’re looking to learn more about PowerShell during your daily commute I HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe to the PowerScripting Podcast.  My coworker Shyam and I are catching up on back episodes and listening to it nearly every day on the way into work.  They don’t talk about SQL Server too much but what they do talk about is still very useful to us.

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