Presenting at SQL Saturday #32 in Tampa

Tomorrow I am presenting to a non-captive audience at SQL Saturday #32 in Tampa.  I’ve done presentations on the wonderfulness of SQL Server before but this will be the first time where the people have 6 other great options to learn about SQL Server.  I’m not used to competing for audience! My talk isn’t directly about SQL Server. Instead I’m focusing on PowerShell and it’s ability interrogate your SQL Server(s). Very cool stuff if you’re a data nerd.  At any rate I hope you stop by, heckle me say hello and stick around to learn some of my favorite PowerShell tricks.

Here’s a look at what I’m covering:

PowerShell for Data Professionals

In this session we will learn to perform several everyday data tasks including user database backups, scripting table objects and evaluating disk space usage with PowerShell. For each task we will explore the benefits of using PowerShell over the standard method. Only a basic understanding of PowerShell or DOS is needed. This session should serve as a good introduction to PowerShell for database users. The goal is to help everyone get their feet wet using PowerShell.

 The event has a lot of great sessions so I hope that you can make it out.  Please checkout the full schedule while I get back to working on the last of my demo scripts:

Start Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7
  Brian Knight Geoff Hiten Jack Corbett Bayer White Michael Mollenhour Troy Gallant Michael Antonovich
9:00 AM Introduction to SSIS Clustering for Mere Mortals Why Should I Use Stored Procedures? Getting Started with AppFabric Caching (Velocity) Accurate MDX RoadTrip Introduction to Transactional Replication XML 101 for the SQL Developer
  Eric Wisdahl Jeffrey Garbus Plamen Ratchev Andy Warren Aaron Nelson Vikas Hawaldar Nathan Heaivilin
10:15 AM SSIS – A Beginning Framework Choosing Indexes for Performance Refactoring SQL for Performance Social and Not So Social Networking for the DBA PowerShell for Data Professionals Data Mining and Predictive Analysis using SQL 2008 Introduction to Execution Plans
  Brian Knight Dmitri Korotkevitch Plamen Ratchev David Dye Chad Miller Mark Landry Telmo Sampaio
11:30 AM Iron Chef Competition: Loading a Data Warehouse Getting familiar with SQL Server Storage Engine Common SQL Programming Mistakes Implementing Auditing in SQL Server 2008 PowerShell ETL Building a Near-Realtime Operational Dashboard SQL Server Beyond Relational
  Scott Gleason Jorge Segarra Herve Roggero Kevin Boles Ronald Dameron David Taylor Michael Stark
1:30 PM PGP encryption using SSIS SQL University 101:Starting the SQL Journey SQL Azure Care and Feeding of TempDB Database Hardening via PowerShell Using SSRS with Trending Reports SQLServer 2008 Spatial Data
  Christian Loris Jonathan Kehayias Scott Klein James McAuliffe Patrick LeBlanc Patricia (Pat) Baxter  
2:45 PM SSIS and Slowly Changing Dimensions Real Time Problem Identification with Event Notifi Developing with SQL Azure Using New Data Types and Features of SQL 2008 SQL Server Data Compression 101 5 Resolutions to Build Your Professional “Brand”
  Mike Davis Jason Strate Elijah Baker Jeffrey Garbus Adam Jorgensen Janis Griffin Kevin Boles
4:00 PM Migrating DTS Packages to SSIS ABCs of CTEs Database Table Partitioning, The Next Step Bad, less Bad, not Bad; rewriting bad SQL Code Zero to Cube in 60 Minutes Tuna Helper for SQL Server DBA’s SQL Server Service Broker

See you Saturday!

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