Second Time Zone in Outlook Calendar

I wanted to take a minute today to try and give everyone that is going to the PASS Summit a helping hand with being in a different Time Zone next week.  As nice as it would be if we could all focus in on just the PASS Summit, some of us might still have some commitments back home and maybe even some people back at the home office that for some strange reason think that setting up a conference call might be necessary.  This should help you and you might even want to show it to a few people around the office (then again you might not.)

Here are the steps:

Step #0:  Open Outlook

Step #1:  Go to Calendar and hover over open space and right-click


Step #2:  After Right-Clicking select “Change Time Zone”


Step #3:  When you get the Pop-Up

 Step #4:  Now See the results

 And that’s all there is to it 🙂

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