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Pointless Banter.
Why are you still reading this?

Project 52 3

Project 52

Before I even started this year I knew that I was going to try and hold myself to putting out at least 52 blogs this year.  Then I noticed that Jeremiah Peschka posted on...

Goals for 2010 3

Goals for 2010

It’s that time of year so here’s a quick blog post so that I can track how well I achieve my goals for 2010 My goals for 2010 are pretty simple. Spend more time...

My first BLOG-post EVER 1

My first BLOG-post EVER

What a BLOG? Seriously?? Have you met me. I like to run off at the mouth not at the fingertips. What do I know about blogging? Don’t they come from Antwerp? I’m finally giving...

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