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FWIW: #EXCHHelp or #EXCHGHelp? 0

FWIW: #EXCHHelp or #EXCHGHelp?

I saw a tweet on the #SQLHelp hotline last night from Mike Talon ( blog | twitter ) asking “Is there an #Exchange version of #SQLHelp?” My immediate reaction was: Wow!!  What a compliment...

PowerShell Learning Resources 0

PowerShell Learning Resources

Yesterday a conversation on twitter about PowerShell learning resources lead me to realize that: The PowerShell tab on my own site could use some updating BUT: It’s grown to the point where it’s probably...

Controlled Failure is the Key to Learning More 0

Controlled Failure is the Key to Learning More

Recently Andy Leonard ( blog | twitter ) tweeted: “I was asked recently about secrets to success. My reply? “Never fear failure.” :{>” I really agree with this in a lot of ways. Surprised?...

Bite Sized Blog Posts 0

Bite Sized Blog Posts

For the next several weeks (about 9) I will be really busy with a data center move and doing some presentations on PowerShell.  During that time I’m sure I’ll find all kinds of cool...

Lunch-n-Learn #01: SQL Server 2005 Features 0

Lunch-n-Learn #01: SQL Server 2005 Features

Yesterday I did a quick Lunch-n-Learn here at my company on a few SQL Server 2005 features and this post is just a follow-up to remind everyone what we saw and where you can...

Goals for 2010 3

Goals for 2010

It’s that time of year so here’s a quick blog post so that I can track how well I achieve my goals for 2010 My goals for 2010 are pretty simple. Spend more time...

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