About Me

Me and my DottyLou

Me and my DottyLou

I am a Senior SQL Server Architect with over 15 years experience in architecture, business intelligence, development, and performance tuning of SQL Server.

I have experience managing enterprise-wide data needs in both transactional and data warehouse environments.  I also hold certifications for MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer, Database Administrator, Database Developer; as well as MCTS: Windows Server Virtualization, Configuration (meaning Hyper-V).

I lead the PowerShell Virtual Chapter of PASS, volunteer for the local PASS Chapter AtlantaMDF.

I also help the community organize their requests for new SQL PowerShell cmdlets over on the SQLPS Trello board sqlps.io/vote and contribute a few commands to the open source dbatools project

I write a few things every now and then, you can find my Hey Scripting Guys posts here: blogs.technet.microsoft.com/heyscriptingguy/tag/aaron-nelson/
and my SQL Server Central articles here: sqlservercentral.com/Authors/Articles/Aaron_Nelson/

  • I’m started out thinking I was just going to blog about SQL Server and then I downloaded SQLPSX.  The rest as they say…
  • I’m not an accidental DBA.  I’m a Second Generation DBA.
  • If you’re trying to get ahold of me just give me a shout on twitter or figure out my ultra-secret email address that is my first name at this domain dotcom.
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