Deploy SSIS Packages with PowerShell .ISPAC Deployment, using the SSIS Provider

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  1. Garry Bargsley says:

    Ok, I am trying to put all the pieces together. I was able to extract my ispac from my Test server. Now I am trying to deploy it to Prod. Since I already have the folder structure in place the $SSISFolder.Create() is giving me grief.

    Since the DeployProject is looking for $SSISFolder to be populated it is not letting it run.

    Is there anyway to update the code to check if folder exists and create or move forward with the folder supplied.

    I cannot seem to figure out the objects on this one.

    • Aaron Nelson says:

      It _sounds_ like you either want to do a Get-Item on the Prod folder which already exists. Or, if you created the folder with the .Create() method earlier in the PowerShell session, you might need to do a .Refresh() method on the SSIS Provider. See this post for more info about refreshing Providers:

      I’m guessing you just need to do the Get-Item on the SSIS Provider path to that existing folder. If I get a chance, I will write up a blog and demo how I have been doing this.

      Thanks for asking, it’s a great question!

  2. paschott says:

    I’d like to be able to build/generate the ISPAC, then publish it to an SSIS Server w/ Project configuration, and set up the environment(s) to run it. We seem to be getting stopped on the “build an ISPAC” step more than anything else. The environments can be done with some work, though they’re still a bit tricky to code.

    • Aaron Nelson says:

      Apologies for not responding to your question earlier. I ran off to try and figure out how to do what you were asking for, but neglected to even let you know that I was doing that

      At this point my answer is: I’m not sure, but I think I may have found something. I will email some code I threw together to the email address you included with this comment.

  3. Garry Bargsley says:

    I would like to deploy a package from serverA to serverB using PowerShell. This is a recent request that has been asked of me. With the method you mention above, I can use this, but I have to figure out how to Export the ispac from ServerA, then deploy to ServerB. Would be nice to use PowerShell to simulate the Integration Services Deployment Wizard.

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