Analyzing SQL Server Buffer Pool with TreeMaps in PowerShell

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  1. I also saw it on GroupBy session. Thank you so much for the script.

    I also got the same error as dbamemories mentioned, I changed the -ShowLabel LabelProperty to -ShowLabel {“$($This.LabelProperty) “}. Similar to the tooltip, just as Jason’s note.

  2. Jason Squires says:

    Yep, I second having the issue. Also, script is for instances, not default. I had to remove Databases\$($_.db_name)\ to loop through default. BTW good presentation on GroupBy.

  3. Aaron Nelson says:

    I ran into something very similar, if not identical to your error message, very early on in my testing of this command. I will have a look at my old transcript files and see if I can spot where it stemmed from.

  4. dbamemories says:

    Hi Aaron,
    I saw this on a GroupBy sesison and thought: “this is amazing”, and found this post of you, however for some reason I’m getting the following error when running the code:

    Out-SquarifiedTreeMap : Cannot process argument transformation on parameter ‘ShowLabel’. Cannot convert the “LabelProperty” value of type “System.String” to type “System.Management.Automation.ScriptBlock”.
    At line:32 char:143

    Can you point me to the right direction to fix the problem?

    • Jason Squires says:

      You have to script out ShowLabel just like ToolTip. The examples do not show ShowLabel like it does for ToolTip. So just review ToolTip examples. Else Aaron has a slightly older version which he was so generously sent me so I can compare and see what was causing me the same problem.

  1. 2016.11.23

    […] Aaron Nelson has a post on using Powershell to visualize contents in the buffer pool: […]

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