Getting Priorities Done

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  1. You hit the same wall I did with GTD and then gained the same realization. We’re busy people and we hate to say, “No,” unless it is to developers. But at the end of the day we can’t do everything. Part of what I’ve learned to do is put some of the stuff in the some day category, but another big thing is when it first comes in, to make that hard decision about whether it’s something I need to take on, hand off to someone else, or simply say, “No.” That was one of the hardest things to come to terms with.

    As for your priorities, absolutely applaud you, man. Working with youth so much, I can see the difference between the ones who have a parent involved and the ones who are basically left to themselves. In that first group, you can definitely see a difference between those who has a parent actively engaged and one who has a parent maybe less so. It’s a humbling reminder to me to be more involved with my kids.

  2. Andy Leonard says:

    Excellent post Aaron!


  3. Peter S says:

    While I think it’s safe to say we’ll miss your blogging presence and seemingly random Powershell scripts, I think you’ve made a great choice. Based on what I remember of GTD, I think you may have been overwhelmed due to classifying everything together into one big bucket and not breaking it out into Projects vs. Tasks. (Or adding that critical “next step” to your projects instead of just seeing it as one huge task.)

    Enjoy that time with your family. These are the moments you won’t get back.

  4. Frank says:

    Am I going to stop blogging, writing, speaking, everything? I don’t know, quite possibly.

    Don’t leave us – will be missing your great professional input! So, please stay on air getting this one thing done, Aaron… 🙂

    • Aaron Nelson says:

      Alright Frank, I’m putting a sticky on my monitor saying that we’ve got one vote to keep blogging.

      In the course of an average week I generate on about 2 blog-worthy scripts per week; I just suck at writing. I’ll go ahead and email you one from last week as a “thanks for commenting” 🙂

  1. 2011.04.04

    […] of having a company of six (nearly seven) people, having to lean on God more than ever, and (like Aaron) making sure I prioritise the things that are important. I’m not leaving the community – I see […]

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