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Standing. Room. Only.

PoShQuestionsI wasn’t smart enough to take a picture of the over 400 people that crowded into the room I was speaking in but thankfully Scott Gleason ( blog | twitter ) managed to snag a shot of just a few of the many people that came up to ask questions after my session. I mentioned at the beginning of my session that it was my first time presenting at the PASS Summit and I was humbled by the shouts of “Congrats” and applause from crowd. I hope I did a good job for them.

I mentioned during the session that my code and slides were available in yesterday’s blog post.
I also pointed out the posts that Chad Miller, myself, and Sean McCown put together last week on the Hey Scripting Guy blog. Here are a list all 5 of those posts and also the link to the SQLPSX project.
Oh, and please take a look at the PowerShell Virtual Chapter of PASS.

Use PowerShell to Collect Server Data and Write to SQL
Posted Mon, Nov 1 2010
Use PowerShell to obtain SQL Server database sizes
Posted Tue, Nov 2 2010
Use PowerShell to Change SQL Server Service Accounts
Posted Wed, Nov 3 2010
Use PowerShell to Script SQL Database Objects
Posted Thu, Nov 4 2010
Using PowerShell to Add a Group of Users to a SQL Database
Posted Fri, Nov 5 2010

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  1. 400 people! Awesome! Way to represent ATL out at PASS Summit!

  2. SQLLawman says:

    Powershell was one of the big reasons I attended the PASS summit this year. Your session was excellent. It really opened my eyes on what is possible.
    Thank you very much for the excellent content.