Where is the Next SQL Saturday Coming From – Map

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  1. While it’s not a SQL Saturday, Indianapolis has their IndyTechFest (http://sqldiner.com/) event, which is similar to the SQL Saturday format but it combines the local .NET user group as well as the local PASS user group.

    • Aaron Nelson says:

      Thats’s a great point Noel; I’ll have to come up with an icon to point out cities that are holdng non-SQLSaturday SQL events.

  2. Samson Loo says:

    I was actually thinking that it would be cool to show case either a google or bing map that plots all the held events along with the upcoming SQL Saturday events on the SQLSaturday.com site. This way some who navigates to the site can click on a point of interest and get driving directions and nearby information.

    • Aaron Nelson says:

      Yeah I can do that for the most part with the static map that I have. But when I thought about if an event changed the address or something I started worrying about breakdown points.

      I think what I may do is put something together like Rob Farley did for the Chapters: http://www.sqlpass.org/PASSChapters.aspx

      As far as the data analysis goes though, MapPoint has been extremely easy to use to crunch numbers and display them on the map (so far).

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