Implicit Remoting with PowerShell

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  1. Man – I think this may be exactly what I have spent much of this week looking for. Need to test to be sure. For my first serious Powershell endeavor I was attempting to build a script that would automate our SQL Server configuration checklist that we’ve always done manually after installing a new instance. I had gotten hung up on how to set Local Security Policy for Lock Pages in Memory and Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks. I was trying to find a way to do it in Powershell, from my PC. I found Set-Privilege in PSCX on CodePlex but didn’t want to have to install a CodePlex project on all of our production SQL Servers. From the sound of your post, if I am ok with running my config script from the server instead of my PC, I will be able to make use of CodePlex project on my PC without installing it on the server. That would be ok. Going to give it a try now.

  1. 2010.07.26

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  2. 2010.07.26

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